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Frequently Asked Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We are constantly adding most frequently asked question to this page.

Study programs that has internationally accredited by IAAHEH will be easy to send their graduates to study abroad.

Study programs that have been internationally accredited have more opportunities to develop international collaborations with schools abroad or international organizations.

please send a letter via email to sekretariat@lamptkes.org

Any new education program seeking for IAAHEH accreditation registration needs to follow a series of steps outlined in the IAAHEH Handbook for school. IAAHEH expects some elements of institutional organization, operation, and resources are to be in place before IAAHEH considers the program for accreditation registration.

Accreditation registration is done after eligibility criteria are fulfilled by the school/colleges.

The international accreditation can be applied via online through the website: https://accreditation.iaaheh.org.

Please visit the website iaaheh.org, then click the accreditation menu and select the Accreditation Directory sub menu. You can enter the name of the study program and see the accreditation results.

There are three result categories of the accreditation process:
a. Fully accredited (8 years)
The school will be considered fully accredited for 8 years if it has met all the elements of the eight criteria as written in Chapter 2 Accreditation Handbook.

b. Accredited with monitoring (5 years)
The school will be considered accredited with monitoring for 5 years if the majority of the elements of criteria curriculum, assessment, academic staff, resources, and governance have been met. If within 3 years of monitoring, the school has resolved all the substantial issues and concerns related to the majority element of criteria vision and mission, student, and quality assurance, the school will be granted full accredited status for the remaining of 8 years.
If within 3 years of monitoring, the school is unable to resolve substantial issues related to the majority element of criteria vision and mission, student, and quality assurance, a monitoring
visit will be conducted after 3 years, and the school will be responsible for the expenditure of the monitoring visit.

c. Not accredited
IAAHEH determines that there are substantial issues related to the criteria curriculum, assessment, academic staff, resources, and governance that cannot be resolved within a relatively limited period or that a program whose accreditation has failed to remedy the problems that have been identified during monitoring. Within 2 years the school may re-submit the application for accreditation.

The school is required to submit a monitoring report biannually for those who received full accreditation status and annually for those that have been granted accreditation with monitoring.

The purpose of this monitoring report is for the school to provide information to IAAHEH to demonstrate that they are meeting the standards and resolving issues and concerns timely.

To maintain accreditation status, all accredited members should complete and submit the IAAHEH Monitoring Report between October 1 and December 31 of each year, beginning the calendar year following a provision of initial IAAHEH accreditation. The report needs to be uploaded to SIMAk-Int
system. Once this report is received, IAAHEH will send a notification

The fees that must be paid to the IAAHEH for the accreditation of study program covers:
a. Nurturing
b. Desk Evaluation
c. Survey Visit
d. Daily expenses for the assessors
e. Review of the monitoring report

School may appeal the accreditation decision within one month after receiving the accreditation result. The school must fill in the form requesting for an appeal in the https://accreditation.iaaheh.org

The Accreditation Fee can be paid in 2 stages, namely:
a. Fifty percent of the total fee should be paid upon registration.
b. The remaining amount should be paid before submission of the final SER.

If the study program forgot the password, click the forgot password, then the link to change the password will be sent through email. Or, by sending a letter through sekretariat@lamptkes.org to propose a new password.